At Browning, our clothes are designed by hunters for hunters: each item of clothing starts from a passion for the hunt, years of experience and field tests, and the expertise that all this brings. Hih-performance materials are combined with cutting edge technology to offer full-body protection against the forces of nature - and not just against the wind, rain and cold, but also thorny thickets and other bramble bushes.
While Browning’s clothing is tough enough to resist any challenge, it is also comfortable for hunters, leaving them free to indulge their passion to the full. The materials we use are supple enough for the clothes to adapt to any body shape, making them not just hard-wearing and elegant but more efficient as well. Our clothing range is sure to be a winner, even with the most demanding users: odor-resistant, stain-resistant, silent, and more. Because a hunter’s «second skin» has to be more than just good enough








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